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Check-in-Automat im Eingangsbereich des Bed+Breakfast der Stölzle Bärnbach

Check-in with reservation

Here you find the instructions for check-in with reservation. Controls of the machine:

A Key pad to enter pincode of credit- or debit cards

B Card reader

C Area to sign the invoice

D Receipt of room cards

E Receipt on invoice


1 Please choose a language.

Check-in-Anleitung im Bed+Breakfast

2 Confirm the privacy policy to proceed with check-in.

Check-in-Anleitung im Bed+Breakfast

3 Select check-in procedure „arrival WITH reservation“.

Check-in-Anleitung im Bed+Breakfast

4 Choose criteria to find your reservation.

Check-in-Anleitung im Bed+Breakfast

5 Enter reservation number or name to find your reservation.

Check-in-Anleitung im Bed+Breakfast

6 Please check your reservation details.

7 Please follow the instructions shown on the display of the key pad (A) for payment.

8 Insert credit or debit card with magnetic strip facing downwards (B). A pin code is required for  ALL types of cards. Remove the card when payment has been effected.

9 Check your data on the registration card.

10 Your data will be summarized on the registration form.

11 Sign the registration form with the pen fixed at the blue signature area (C).

12 Additional room cards can be retrieved in case of reserving in two or more guests.

13 Please take your room card(s) (D).

14 Your arrival confirmation/payment slip will be printed.

15 Take your payment slip (E) with your room number. You have completed the check-in.